Dos and Don'ts of Space Heaters

As the temperatures drop, we turn to portable space heaters for extra warmth, however, space heaters pose a fire safety risk if not used correctly.

Is there anything more satisfying than freshly cleaned upholstery?

No matter how clean we think our carpet is, it always is far dirtier than we expect! Learn why carpet and upholstery cleaning is so important, and how Miller DKI can help.

How to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to clean more efficiently and quickly, without getting overwhelmed.

The DIY Program

You may have heard the term DIY before (Do It Yourself) but, at Miller Restoration DKI, it means Dry It Yourself! This program was developed with homeowners and insurance companies in mind to save them both time and money.

Carpet Cleaning: More than just appearances

We all know a carpet or rug can really pull a room together, but have you ever wondered how often should you be cleaning your carpets and rugs?