The DIY Program

You may have heard the term DIY before (Do It Yourself) but, at Miller Restoration DKI, it means Dry It Yourself! This program was developed with homeowners and insurance companies in mind to save them both time and money.

Carpet Cleaning: More than just appearances

We all know a carpet or rug can really pull a room together, but have you ever wondered how often should you be cleaning your carpets and rugs?

Home Maintenance Tips: Get Peace of Mind this Fall

Does the possibility of an impending disaster send a shiver down your spine? Don't let the thought of unpredictable fire, flood, or mould damage stop you from enjoying the crisp, Fall weather.

Much More Than Heavy Lifting on Moving Day

If you live in Ontario, most outdoor fires, no matter how small, are often accompanied by provincial regulations, which help municipalities and citizens reduce the number of wildfires and residential fires during peak dry seasons.

Give New Life to Your Garage This Summer

Whether it functions as a year-round storage space, or a tinkerer's toolshed, your garage is an invaluable part of your home. The garage is second to none when the weather warms, and we can bet that you'll be opening the garage door more often than your front door!