The DIY Program

The DIY Program

You may have heard the term DIY before (Do It Yourself) but, at Miller Restoration DKI, it means Dry It Yourself! This program was developed with homeowners and insurance companies in mind to save them both time and money.

Every home at one time or another has probably had some type of small water damage, from a toilet overflowing to maybe a drain backing up. When this happens, you know the mess needs to be dealt with quickly and correctly to avoid larger property damage and mould from occurring.

When stagnant water is left too long, not only can it cause bacteria that can be harmful to your health, it can even cause serious structural damage. This is because it feeds on and breaks down organic matter, which will be much more difficult (not to mention expensive) to repair.

So, when it comes to small water damage, while we all agree it needs to be taken care of properly and efficiently, our team at Miller Restoration DKI also thinks it’s not something that shouldn’t break the bank. The DIY program allows homeowners to fix their problem with expert advice on their own while not having to make an insurance claim that will increase their insurance premiums.

We provide homeowners with the tools and equipment and know-how to fix their issues. With our three different packages, we can help you choose the one that works best for your specific situation. This approach will ensure you get your home dried efficiently the first time to avoid any issues.

All packages include:

  • On-site and travel time
  • Water Extraction
  • Apply disinfectant up to 1200 sq feet
  • Moisture metering
  • Set up and take down equipment
  • Removal of affected building materials
  • No hidden fees!

Not only will homeowners keep their deductible, but with our expert advice, you can keep that claims-free discounts! Insurance companies who promote our service LOVE not having to deal with small claims that they know can cost their clients a small fortune, while also knowing their clients are receiving the help they need.

So, remember, if you’re dealing with some water damage in your home, DIY; DRY IT YOURSELF with Miller Restoration DKI.