Questions Answers

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Insurance companies have preferred vendor agreements. The work becomes guaranteed through the insurance company if you authorize a preferred vendor to complete your emergencies and/or repairs. Some insurance companies will guarantee the work for as long as you own the property. One should contact their insurance company to determine the type of warranty/guarantees they provide. There are definite pluses to authorizing a preferred vendor.

Miller Restoration DKI. provides a 2-year warranty on all repairs.

Where Do My Personal Items Go When They Leave My Property?

An initial assessment of your personal goods will be made. Items that are damaged beyond repair will be disposed of on your authorization and the adjuster's approval. Items that are deemed salvageable are inventoried, carefully packed, moved off-site and stored in our secured facility. These contents are then processed in our warehouse and stored until your repairs are completed. Once the repairs are completed the processed contents are moved back to your premises. No contents are disposed of without your written consent. A detailed inventory will be provided.

Is It Safe To Stay In Our Home While Repairs Or Emergency Services Are Being Completed?

In most situations, it is safe to stay in your home. Your daily routine may be disrupted and some of our equipment can seem loud and may make it difficult to sleep. In some cases where the house is inhabitable, we would recommend to the insurance company that additional living arrangements may be required. Approval of alternate living accommodations must come from your insurance company.

What If We Want To Make Changes During The Re-Construction Stage?

We will happily provide a separate quote over and beyond the insurance portion for any upgrades or changes you request. Any changes with the insurance repair scope will need to be well communicated and approved by the insurance adjuster. Any agreed changes will be well documented and a Change of Work Order must be signed.

Why Do I Need To Sign A Work Authorization When My Insurance Company Called You?

Even though your insurance company called us, we still need your authorization to enter your home and complete the repairs and/or emergencies. Your insurance company only approves the work and you must authorize us to proceed.

Who Do I Call If I Have Any Questions Or Concerns?

A dedicated project manager/estimator is assigned to every assignment. Any questions should be directed to the estimator. Any questions regarding your insurance policy and/or coverage must be directed to your insurance adjuster or broker.

Do I Have To Pay My Deductible?

If we are instructed by the insurance company to collect your deductible, then it is payable to Miller Restoration before the repairs begin. The deductible is collected at the same time as we have you sign an authorization form. Your insurance company will pay the estimated amount less your deductible.

How Long Will The Restoration Process Take?

Once the scope of work is agreed upon we can provide a timetable showing the approximate dates trades will be attending. The time frame will be dependent on the size and the complexity of your loss. Good communication eases the unknown.

What Can I Expect During The Insurance Claim?

Once we receive your claim information we will contact you immediately to set an inspection appointment to determine the extent and severity of your claim. There are usually 2 phases to most insurance claims- emergency and restoration.

Emergency service refers to the immediate efforts required to effectively mitigate the loss and to prevent any further damages. The emergency services may take up to 7 days to complete depending on the severity.

Once the emergency services are completed, then we can move into phase two - the restoration services. This is essentially the process of restoring/repairing your premises to its pre-loss condition.