How we're contributing to the UN's Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

How we're contributing to the UN's Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

June 5 is World Environment Day and the first day of the United Nations’ Decade of Ecosystem Restoration which aims to half, reverse, and prevent the degradation of the ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean.

At Miller DKI, we deal with restorations on a daily basis.  In our line of work, we restore the homes, businesses and belongings of people who have suffered everything from a catastrophic fire to sewer backups and hail damage. However, what is the point of restoring a home if you neglect the environment and ecosystem it exists in? That is why we are committed to conducting our restorations in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

We also pay special attention to using products that are environmentally conscious. Among our preferred products are a range of botanical disinfectants and cleaners by Benefect, and disinfectants and septic solutions from Nature’s Pond Care.

Benefect products use antimicrobial extracts, from botanical essential oils, to clean and disinfect, without using any synthesized chemicals like most popular cleaning products. That means you can trust that they will clean and disinfect everything from sewer backups to general cleaning after a fire, without compromising the health and safety of your loved ones and pets. Due to being made from botanicals, they are also very environmentally friendly.

Nature’s Pond products are used in situations where we are dealing with any type of water, such as floods or sewage backups. Their products are all-natural water conditioners, treatments and cleaners that are cost-effective and aid in protecting and caring for the environment. The various solutions contain different mixtures of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and plant extracts suspended in purified water.  Everything in the Nature’s Pond series has been tested and certified to be safe for pets, birds, fish and wildlife.

Choosing greener options for our work doesn’t end with the products we use. We also take care to recycle and choose sustainable options for other areas of our work as well. As a member of DKI Canada we believe in always contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection and social responsibility. We try to finish each claim by leaving the environment in better shape than before we started.

Whether you are looking for emergency services and restoration, or contents and cleaning services, you can trust Miller DKI to be there for you, and the environment.