Dos and Don'ts of Space Heaters

Dos and Don'ts of Space Heaters

As the temperatures drop, we turn to portable space heaters for extra warmth, however, space heaters pose a fire safety risk if not used correctly, being responsible for hundreds of house fires every year in Canada. Consider the following safety tips before using your space heater again.

  1. Place on the floor on a hard, level, non-flammable surface
  2. Keep flammable items like drapes, furniture, and bedding at least one metre away from space heaters
  3. Turn it off when you leave the room or go to bed
  4. Don’t plug other devices or an extension cord into the same outlet as the heater
  5. Install working smoke alarms and test them monthly
  6. Keep It dry and away from moisture

Space heaters are meant for temporary use and should not be used for extended periods. It’s important to use space heaters that are certified and equipped with a smart sensor that automatically shuts off to prevent over heating. 

If an accidental fire has left your property damaged, the professionals at DKI – Miller Restoration can help.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will be giving more fire safety tips for this winter season.