At Miller DIY stands for 'Dry It Yourself'

Nobody wants to experience a flood, but sometimes, it happens. We can help you dry it out, pronto.

For Homeowners, Education Never Really Ends

With safety in mind, September is a great time for homeowners to review the plans they have for their homes. That may include going over financial obligations; reviewing insurance needs; updating safety and evacuation plans, and making a list of repairs and renovation goals.

Campfire Safety Tips

Nothing says "summer" like a campfire or bonfire, but these fun activities also present a number of safety hazards. It's a good idea to educate yourself about campfire safety. Keep the following tips in mind.

What could go wrong? Disaster Series

A summer storm with high winds is expected, and your home is surrounded by large trees. What to do?

What could go wrong? Disaster Series

Family emergency procedures plan could help save your life. When disaster strikes, the best reaction is to follow your home's emergency procedures plan.