Company Profile

Miller RestorationIn 2007 Greg Miller Restoration changed operation and ownership to Matthew and Tracy Holmwood. The name has been changed to Miller Restoration. We also became a member of Disaster Kleenup International in 2009.

Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) is a unique organization that is driven by a membership that has more experience in the field of restoration services than any other organization of its kind. National standards are maintained by the Head Office at the direction of the membership.

As members of DKI, we are able to utilize the expertise and resources from all members, allowing Miller Restoration DKI the ability to handle any emergency and restoration service that our clients need. Miller Restoration has been leading the way in the insurance restoration industry since opening its doors in 1995. Miller Restoration has moved thousands of homes and businesses from the disruption of unexpected property damage, through mitigation and restoration processes, to the return of property to the intended use. Miller Restoration's expertise in analyzing loss, planning, and applying the best solution response and service has gained us respect and accolades from homeowners and business owners alike, not to mention insurance industry and property management professionals.

When it comes to Property, our experts measure up. We know the emotion of lifestyle disruption a homeowner experiences. We know the cost to the business when the workplace is affected by a loss. Our actions through the processes of emergency response, mitigation and resulting damage repair have one intended end focus- to put people back to clean, safe and sound environments.

The whole Service team at Miller Restoration encompasses experts ready to care for you - our customer. From Ownership to Administration, to Warehousing and Cleaning, to Estimating and Project Management, to Specialty trades and Technicians, each is educated in their respective field. At Miller Restoration, we believe education does not stop at certification, but rather that it is an ongoing process. We are continually involved in up to date/state of the art training for our estimators, trades and technicians that keep them ahead of the competitors. At Miller Restoration we believe, our people are our best assets!


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