Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While both residential and commercial carpet cleaning processes share many of the same techniques, we approach the commercial cleaning process differently. We recognize the fact that commercial areas usually handle a lot more foot traffic than a typical home. Commercial Grade carpet is manufactured as a much denser and low pile carpet which can handle the wear and tear. However, having a comprehensive maintenance plan such as a quarterly cleaning can be beneficial to making the carpets last longer while looking their best.

There is a connection between customer
satisfaction and store cleanliness.

with this in mind, Miller DKI recommends regular and frequent removal of dirt and soil accumulation to prevent permanent fibre damage. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We’re business owners too, and we understand that your business needs to be running optimally and without disruption during work hours. To minimize the interruption to your business, we can accommodate your schedule by working after hours, evenings or weekends.

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