What should I do if I have a fire?

Winter is upon us and with it brings an increase of house fires. The higher rate of fires during the winter months is usually due to the fact that we spend more time inside cooking and burning candles. A majority of fires we see are related to..

Niagara Entrepreneur Matt Holmwood Interview

SL: What should people know about Miller Restoration?
MH: We're a property loss service provider, and our restoration professionals can assess and repair all kinds of property damage. Besides serving the insurance industry, we serve commercial accounts, property managers and the general homeowner.

What to do about mould? Part II - Q & A

The purpose of mould is to digest organic materials and cellulose. That natural function is something that we must have occurring for us to survive; it plays a significant role in our outdoor and indoor environments..

What to do about mould? Part I - Q & A

You may have noticed a small dark and fuzzy spot on your ceiling, or recently moved a couch in the basement to see discolouration on the drywall or base board that doesn't go away when you wipe it...

Ask the expert - Q & A

Your insurance company will assign the detailed loss to a preferred contractor who will contact you immediately to set an inspection appointment to determine the extent and severity of your claim...

St. Catharines firm has become a leading provider of property loss services.

When your home or workplace has been disrupted by fire or water damage, it can be an emotional and frustrating experience. Fortunately there's someone you can call to manage the destruction and help get your life back on track – Miller Restoration in St. Catharines.