For Homeowners, Education Never Really Ends

For Homeowners, Education Never Really Ends

September means back-to-school time for Niagara’s youngsters – but it’s a great time for homeowners to hit the books, too.

The science behind home construction and maintenance is constantly evolving.

Styles come and go, and over time, renovations bring modern products, appliances and appearances to our homes. It’s possible, though, that to renovate safely, we may have to learn a few new things, or work with a few new tools, to make sure we keep our homes up to current building codes.

Our Miller Restoration Niagara teams see first-hand new methods of construction, every day. When disaster strikes, renovation can often repair damages, such as those caused by flood or fire. It helps to know, though, what methods to use to bring about the best results.

With safety in mind, September is a great time for homeowners to review the plans they have for their homes. That may include going over financial obligations such as mortgages and other loans; reviewing insurance needs; updating safety and evacuation plans and making a list of repairs and their methods, and renovation goals.

The onset of autumn is also a great time to perform simple maintenance tasks, such as draining hoses; changing furnace filters; checking safety equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors; tidying up tool benches and putting away summer’s toys.

If you are planning a DIY project this winter, September is a wonderful time to think about the how-to part of the job; to begin researching and gathering the tools and supplies you’ll need to make sure your home remains current with your area’s building code. Don’t forget about construction permits: While they aren’t always required for small projects, it’s best to check with your municipality before you begin any DIY job.

Construction methods and building codes have changed and certainly, some things have become easier over time, as new inventions in building materials simplify needs.

As a member of Disaster Kleenup International, our Miller teams have worked with experts in all fields relating to home construction and renovation. We know that as construction and renovation procedures alter, so do the codes that guide our trades, whether we’re talking about carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other specialties.

New guidelines governing how things are built often bring about small changes in how renovations can be safely carried out.

Since it’s the safety of you and your family at stake here, it’s important to hit those books at least once per year, to update your plans, goals and dreams for your home and within it, your family’s future.

For more information about Ontario’s building codes, visit the website

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