Fire Restoration

House on fireAt Miller Restoration DKI, we understand how destructive fire can be to a home or business.

Fire and Smoke Damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. Fire damage can cause extensive damage to a home or building and may require a great deal of time to clean and repair. On top of the flames, heat and smoke will contribute to invading anything that is porous. Fire will produce poisonous gasses that can make an individual either drowsy or disoriented. The initial fire can be followed by more damage due to the water and chemicals used to put out the fire.

Our Services

  • Complete board up and building security.
  • Advanced cleaning products and techniques.
  • Complete textile processing and storing.
  • Industry-leading deodorization and air quality products.
  • Complete Inventory processing and cleaning.
  • Detailed Computerized POI inventory and Digital content listing.

Our Equipment

Fire Do's and Don'ts


  • Call your insurance company
  • Clean and protect chrome trim on faucets and other brightwork by washing with detergent and applying a coating of vaseline or oil.
  • Remove loose smoke particles from upholstery, draperies and carpeting with a brush.
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Empty your fridges and freezers as long as all power is off.
  • If heat is off in winter pour antifreeze in toilet bowls, tanks, sinks, and tubs to prevent freeze damage.
  • If heat is off in winter call a plumber to drain and blow out all water lines.
  • Find a place for your loved ones and pets to stay in your home is unsafe to stay in.
  • Call a contractor to board up all windows, or any other openings in your home to prevent additional damage.
  • Tape double layers of cheesecloth over air registers to stop particles of soot from getting in or out of the HVAC system.
  • Call the professionals at Miller Restoration to immediately respond to the emergency.

Do not...

  • Wash or wipe fire residues from walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.
  • Use carpeting or upholstered furniture impacted by heavy smoke residues or debris.
  • Use any food items that have been exposed to heat.
  • Turn on any electrical appliances until they have been cleaned and checked.
  • Turn on ceiling fans if the ceiling is wet. The wiring may be wet or damaged and may cause electrical shock, and air movement may create secondary damage.