What could go wrong? Disaster Series

What could go wrong? Disaster Series

They say practice makes perfect.

In case of emergency, will your family know how to react? It’s hard to know. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to go through a disaster that affects your home.

Of course, having a good emergency procedures plan helps – but only if every family member is aware of how it works, should disaster strike. Here’s where the “practice” part comes in handy.

Our team of disaster clean-up experts at Miller Restoration likes to tell families about doing some “disaster training,” so that if a tragedy occurs, they will know what to do.

Training should happen at a couple of times throughout the year, perhaps during the spring and autumn equinox. This is a good time for checking batteries on smoke alarms; making sure the carbon monoxide detector works; changing batteries on flashlights and a portable radio in your emergency praparedness kit, and replacing any used items from your family’s first aid kit.

Just as you would do “fire drills” at work and at school, practice your safe exit plan and arrange a meeting location, just in case family members get separated. If your home is more than one storey, make sure everyone knows how to get out from the upper floors as well as from exit doors.

This is a good time for making sure every family member knows where to find, and how to use, a fire extinguisher. If a fire is discovered as it begins, disaster can be averted if the right emergency equipment is to hand.

Expanding your home’s emergency plan beyond the “safe exit and call 911” step is possible, although your family’s reaction may depend entirely upon the type of disaster you are facing.

Common disasters include fire; flood, and weather-related damage such as from hurricane, tornado, earthquake or ice storm.

Your family should be aware of basic safety measures, such as how or where to seek shelter in a severe weather event.

Disasters a little less common, but just as destructive, include some that build up in intensity over time, and can cause your living conditions to deteriorate.

Problems caused by hoarding; by mould build-up; by leaking roofs or foundations; by insect or rodent infestation, or by poor home maintenance over many years can render a home uninhabitable.

Seeking assistance from professionals such as our team at Miller Restoration might help save your home from complete destruction, or a secondary disaster caused by the home’s condition. You may have to swallow a little pride to seek our help, but rest assured, it’s the best thing you can do for your family. As a member of Disaster Kleenup International, we have seen it all, and we give you our solemn promise that we will be there to assist you, and not to judge you.

Because there are so many things that can go wrong in a home, it’s a good idea to follow the Boy Scout or Girl Guide motto, and “Be prepared.”

With a little emergency plan practice, you can safely weather any disaster – and when you’re ready for help, you have our teams at Miller Restoration, ready to assist.

If you are seeking help following a disaster at your home, call the Miller Restoration office at 905-688-9224, or contact us HERE