Wind Damage Restoration

Wind storm damaged houseAt Miller Restoration DKI, we understand how destructive wind damage can be to a home or business.

Strong winds or tornadoes have the ability to blow off roofs, or even just to remove shingles that are vital in protecting the home from rain, snow, sleet, or hail. The condition of the roof and the construction of the roof play a major role in determining whether the roof will be able to sustain strong winds. If your roof has been damaged whether large or small it is important to take a few basic steps initially to ensure no further damage.

First, seal off the affected area with plastics or tarps. This will protect your possessions, and expedite your claim. Second, take pictures and call your insurance company, hold on to your pictures as your picture may show the damage that your insurance agent's pictures don't. Third, search the rest of your home and property to make sure there was no further damage caused by your roof. Finally, call Miller Restoration, as you need to hire someone that is a professional and will look after your needs.

Wind Damage Do's and Don'ts


  • Call your insurance company.
  • If a door or window is gone, board up the space to protect the home from further damage.
  • If you know a windstorm is coming, remove lawn chairs, barbecues or loose items that may cause damage to other objects during the storm.
  • Notice any downed telephone poles that have damaged your house or building.
  • Look for siding that has been partially disconnected from the house and secure it using nails. This keeps it from ripping off and damaging other parts of the house or other nearby structures.
  • If the roof is partially or fully stripped, attach some plastic or tarps to ensure no further damage to your possessions.

Do not...

  • Attempt to remove or fix items once the storm has begun.
  • Touch downed telephone or electrical wires.
  • Try and remove sagging tree limbs or any other objects that are not secure.