Warm Christmas Wishes to all my friends at Miller Restoration!

Especially to Melissa and Angel at the front desk, you were so understanding and helpful from the day I walked in, guiding me to the appropriate people that could help me whenever I needed support.

Ryan B., I don’t think there can be a more personable, efficient and accommodating individual on the planet. A godsend to the company, and a pleasure to do business with.

My dear Jessie and Heather, (my children!) the front liners, who not only dug in their heels to get a nasty job done, but supported me with compassion and respect. Everyone who followed in the process, Ryan R, girl Jess, Jordan, Christine and Marj all demonstrated a similar strong work ethic with a human touch. My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Wishing a safe and healthy Holiday Season to you and your families. I know my daughter and I will be more at peace this Christmas thanks to such a great team at Millers!


Anna M K, St. Catharines

I wanted to say that these incidents are never fun, they are a straight up pain in the ass and do nothing but throw our lives into temporary chaos.

Having said that, the staff and sub-contractors at Miller DKI are by far some of the most professional and knowledgeable people I have met since moving to the Niagara Region. I had no complaints with anyone that entered my home through this process.

Jim Koable was a fantastic trustworthy guy, he was always in a good mood, even on the hottest of days and we shared many a conversation and a few coffees as well. I would have him in my home anytime, when he said he was going to do something it was done, when he said that he was going to arrive at a certain time to start for the day he was there. Communication is a huge thing for me and there were no issues with that when it came to Jim.

Gilles and his son Rob installed my new kitchen; these 2 provide a superior product and definitely deserve a pat on the back. They had me out to their shop to show me how the process of building the kitchen was done, they did not have to do this but it showed me that they loved what they do and care about their product.  They were on time, in and out, professional and fun. I will recommend them to anyone that needs cabinetry work.

The flooring group were also another bunch that was easy to work with. Brian from Michaels and Frontline flooring were top notch guys, they were helpful and professional. I will use these guys again in the future for personal projects.

Who else was in my house…the electricians and plumbers, they did their thing quickly and efficiently and were out, I like that.

Ryan was my main contact, you have a good guy here. When he said things were going to happen, they did. If he said that he would call the electricians or plumbers and that they would call me soon to confirm a time for them to come by, it would not be but an hour at most that they would be calling me to set up a time to come over. I don’t know how this guy stays organized but he made it all happen, he must have a great behind the scenes team working with him.

Communication is key with me. If you can’t communicate your intentions in this world of being able to talk, text, email from anywhere and everywhere, then we are not going to get along. Ryan’s communication skills are top drawer, even when I was confused he straightened me out, he was always patient, very pleasant and easy to work with, was very knowledgeable and very, very professional.

I was asked why did I choose Miller DKI? I have had no prior dealing or experience with your company and to be honest, being brand new to the area, I have never heard of you, but I made the right choice. I think it was the first impressions I got from the guys during the first initial visits. I like to think good people that are like minded and easy going tend to gravitate to each other. Your guys were good guys and we shared some laughs.

I would like to thank Miller DKI and all your staff for the hard work they put in, they did a great job and my home looks better than new. I could not have asked for a better bunch to have in my home. If anything ever happens to my home again, I will be using Miller DKI. I will always recommend your services to those that are in need.In closing, there is one thing that I would ask for, I would love our box seats for any Ice Dogs game this season….lol


Don W., Niagara Falls

We had a sewer back up at our house and our insurance company contacted Miller Restoration.

My company had been working with them for years but this is the first time that I’d ever worked with them personally, and they were wonderful. They cleaned up anything that had been touched by the dirty water, itemized and tossed out things that had be destroyed. They brought fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the space, really they did things I didn’t even know needed to be done! Right now, I have a guy from Miller restoration downstairs redoing some paneling in the basement because it’s being redone. They are great.

K., Toronto

‘Jim Koabel’ is one of the finest employees.

He was always pleasant, and professional with his workmanship. Very trustworthy to be left alone in my house. Tom & Sherry are great with their packing and cleaning, also very pleasant and professional. I enjoyed all their company. My first time dealing with you all was a pleasant experience. Thank you Jason & Ryan.

S. Ellison, Niagara Falls

It was a very stressful time for me, but, as the following note states, everyone was very helpful and supportive. 


I would like to say how very very pleased I am with Miller Restoration. It took some time to get things started, but with every step of the way, the people at Miller were fantastic. Trevor Lariviere and Ryan MacGregor were always willing to take my calls, and follow up on any concerns I had. There were a couple of blips in the process, but they took care of them right away. There were always great lines of communication. Ryan came by several times, just to see how things were progressing, and to chat with me about any concerns I may have.  Trevor also dropped in when I called him with some question or concern. Both of them assured me that things would be taken care of.  


The emergency clean-up crew were awesome. Tim and his gang were very encouraging and kind during this time of great stress for me. Marge, Christine, and Heather (the packing girls) were fantastic. Every box was labelled, and the items were handled with care.


The men who worked on the house were always pleasant, on time, and cleaned up at the end of the day. The electrician was great, the flooring crew from Michaels were absolutely the best!! The workmanship on the flooring is super.  The gentlemen who came in to check the furnace and the applicances were friendly and I would use their businesses again.  It was a pleasure to have these workers in the house.


I have to also give thanks and praise to the ladies who cleaned up the house at the end of the construction.(Marge, Christine, Marcella) What a fabulous job! They worked so hard, and everything was left spotless. They, too, were fantastic to have in the house.


Lastly, I have to give my greatest thanks and accolades to Mike (last name unknown). He was working on my house for several weeks, and his work and work values are excellent. He was always on time , or would let me know if he was going to be late.  He always cleaned up at the end of the day. His workmanship is absolutely excellent! He did the drywalling, painting,  construction, some plumbing,and baseboards (and other things I have probably left out). It was a real pleasure having him here. He really took pride in work that was well done.I lost count at the many of times he used his lunch hour to go over to Home Depot to pick up a part or some material. He certainly is a valued employee for the company. 


Thanks again. 

B. King, St. Catharines

We want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have cared for the contents of our home.

Your staff was on the premise very quickly to dispose of damaged contents as well as salvage as much as they could. They did this effieciently and we appreciate their efforts.

We want to thank your staff who took care of cleaning our treasures – they did an awesome job of not only cleaning but carefully wrapping our contents. Most of all, it was restoring our pictures, irreplaceable photographs, and our son’s hockey jerseys that we truly appreciated.

Your front-line office administrators are so customer oriented and professional that it was a pleasure for us to be in contact with them. They certainly represent your company well.

We cannot say enough about Danica – she is a gem – efficient, personable, empathetic and accommodating. We look forward to meeting with her and appreciated the care that she showed for our contents as well as Cam and I.

We would recommend your company to others because of our satisfaction with your excellent service.


C & Y Bissonette, Welland

A reliable and actually enjoyable experience under the circumstances. Fabulous staff.  

Fiammetta Mazzetti, Stoney Creek

Tom and Christine from the packing and cleaning crew were excellent as were all the trades used by Miller DKI.

Michael Allen, Virgil

A reliable and actually enjoyable experience under the circumstances. Fabulous staff. 

Fiammetta Mazzetti, Stoney Creek
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