Vandalism Damage Restoration

Broken windownAt Miller Restoration DKI we understand how destructive vandalism damage can be to a home or business. Finding out your home or business has been vandalized is a frightening situation. At Miller Restoration our trained professionals will get your property back to its original condition whether it was a break and enter with personal possessions damaged or the structure of your property was damaged, we are here to help.

Vandalism Damage Do's and Don'ts


  • Call the police.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Remove loved ones and pets if the area is unsafe or hazardous.

Do not...

  • Attempt to clean or remove any items until you have been advised.
  • Repair any structural damage until advised.
  • Attempt to remove ink, paint or cosmetic stains; they can be permanently set if not handled properly.
  • Discard furniture wood chips, furniture, or art objects.

Mould Remediation

At Miller Restoration DKI, we understand how destructive mould can be to a home or business. Mould can take form in as little as 48 hours and can occur if there is any moisture in a home. The moisture can be from various things such as a leaky pipe, high humidity, a flood that has not been attended to, carpeting in a kitchen or bathroom, etc. Mould can also cause health problems and can contribute to poor breathing, allergies and even more severe effects such as fever, nose bleeds, dizziness, and vomiting. When mould is suspected or discovered, it is important to call our experts first!

Our Mould Services Includes:

  • Air testing and sample culturing of detailed results.
  • Complete remediation services as per Environmental Hygienist protocols
  • Removal and cleaning of structure and contents.
  • Certified results provided upon completion through a third party
  • Complete rebuild of structure.
  • Experienced technicians.
  • Non-destructive containment techniques.


Miller Restoration DKI has a team of trained and certified asbestos removal technicians that are specialized in the inspection, isolation, encapsulation, enclosure, decontamination, and removal of asbestos.  It is important that only trained and accredited asbestos professionals conduct asbestos abatement services because strict management procedures need to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our asbestos removal technicians always wear the proper personal protective equipment and follow all protective measures and practices to prevent and minimize exposure when handling asbestos-containing material.  When asbestos is in fact present, our technicians are experienced in safely removing and disposing of the asbestos-containing materials according to restoration industry standards and regulations in an effort to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Trauma Scene Clean Up

Although unpleasant to talk about, people find themselves looking for somewhere to turn for the task of cleaning up. Miller Restoration DKI has Professionals that treat your property and the people involved with the greatest empathy and respect in the face of trying circumstances.

Contents Packing and Secured Warehousing

Miller Restoration DKI strives to provide you with fast, efficient and quality restoration of your most beloved content items. These items can easily be affected and if not treated properly, destroyed by a fire or water loss in your house or building. We use the most state of the art pack out software to help track where the items are and their condition. Miller Restoration DKI has an onsite storage facility to store your contents in the most secure and also climate-controlled conditions to prevent unnecessary damages.

Electronics Restoration

Successful electronic equipment restoration, cleaning, and recovery is an important emerging development in the content restoration industry. Not long ago, the majority of electronic equipment that suffered damage from fire, smoke, soot, water or sewage was almost automatically “written off”. Currently, after years of research, development and experimentation, we have an amazing array of solutions available to Miller Restoration DKI. Highly sophisticated ultrasonic technological cleaning equipment, expertly engineered processes and innovative cleaning solutions provide us with the perfect combination to successfully restore electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, televisions, large screen monitors, highly sensitive medical and telecommunications equipment, large and small appliances and much more.

Deodorizing and Neutralization

Unpleasant odours can come from a number of sources both inside and outside your home or business. These odours can be related to smoke, tobacco, moisture problems (mould, mildew), sewage, pet urine or dander, chemicals, and other contaminants.  Odour remediation typically requires specialized deodorizing techniques to ensure the unpleasant smells will be eliminated for good. The professionally trained technicians from Miller Restoration DKI use their odour removing equipment, counteractants (ozone, sanitizers, disinfectants, enzymes) and environmentally-safe cleaning products to deodorize and to make sure odours are completely removed. Our cleaning and restoration technicians will ensure that your property is safe to return to and that it is odour-free.

Applied Structural drying

Applied structural drying brings together a comprehensive knowledge base and state-of-the-art technology to dry homes rapidly and efficiently. The structural components and building materials of a house are increasingly compromised as water migrates deeper and secondary consequences such as toxic mould growth become more widespread. As much as possible, water extraction and drying is accomplished using non-destructive procedures and with as little disruption as possible. Real-time progress is documented at regular intervals until complete drying is verified. Miller Restoration DKI technicians are trained and qualified to use applied structural drying on all clean water losses whenever possible.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared inspection or Thermography is used as a key diagnostic tool for finding problems such as water/air leaks, moisture and water entry where it is not visible to the eye. Infrared inspections are a non-destructive, non-contact and cost-effective way to detect and document such issues. Miller Restoration DKI has trained staff and specialized equipment to assist when thermal imaging is required.