RIBO & What you Need to Know

RIBO  & What you Need to Know

Being an insurance broker is all about helping the client. Their job is to ensure they find the right policy and coverage for the client's lifestyle, home, or business. It's important that all insurance brokers have the ability to provide help and give advice in a way that's both fair and knowledgeable. Clients trust and depend on their brokers to know information that isn't always readily available to the public and to convey that information in a way that's concise and easily understood. So, it's vitally important that insurance brokers stay properly educated and are always equipped with the right tools to best serve their clients. 

Miller Restoration

Our company is made up of experienced members that use their expertise to best serve the community in times of distress and great need. We care about our clients and want to ensure that everyone who is looking to repair their home or business gets the best service available at fair prices and in record time. We put a high value on community and customer service and always strive to stay up to date in the world of property damage and repairs, emergency responses, and encouraging safe, clean, and sound environments. Which is why we have taken the necessary steps to receive accreditation for several RIBO courses.

What is RIBO

RIBO stands for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. They are a self-governing and self-supporting organization of general insurance brokers in Ontario. They've been around for a long time, and they've been serving the Ontario area with integrity and expertise for as long as they've been in business. As experts in their field, their aim is to support and protect the public as best as possible. And they do that by regulating the licensing, professional competence, ethical conduct, and insurance related financial obligations of all independent general insurance brokers in the province of Ontario. They work hard to create these regulations and keep the public in good, reputable hands.

RIBO Training Provided by Miller DKI

Miller DKI's values and priorities line up with RIBO's, making it the perfect partnership. We both want what's best for the public, and want to keep our community safe and knowledgeable about safety procedures and the different ways they can protect their property. Together, we feel like we can make the world a little brighter and better protected. Miller DKI has become accredited in several classes that could help insurance brokers stay up to date on requirements and provide them with extra knowledge, so they're fully equipped to provide the best solutions and advice for their clients. These courses provide insurance brokers with knowledge that can help them excel in their career and the tools they need to help their clients receive the best care and coverage available. Miller DKI has teamed up with RIBO in the following required courses:

  • Understanding Mould and Mould Management
  • Hoarding
  • Basic Construction and Ice Damming
  • Smoke and Fire Damage
  • Thermography
  • Water Damage and Back Water Valve
  • Residential Construction

Informed Insurance Brokers

The more informed an insurance broker is, the better they can serve their clients, which is why it's vital that they stay up to date on the intricacies of insurance policies and claims, the parameters of what is and isn't covered, and the best steps to take to stay safe. It's important that they understand the differences between how to deal with a claim for mould damage and a fire that was caused by a gas leak. Not all disasters are treated equally, and not all are fully covered under the same insurance policies. It's a broker's job to know the different ways these disasters will be handled and to convey that knowledge to their clients. This provides their clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions on how to cover that which is most valuable and important in their lives and saves them from making mistakes, such as purchasing expensive insurance they may never actually need.

A Service to the Community

Insurance brokers provide a truly great service, helping those in the community prepare for the worst. No one likes to think about the ugly realities of the world, but insurance brokers ensure that if the worst does happen, their client's damage and cost is manageable, which can go a long way in providing peace in a difficult situation. RIBO is in place to make sure brokers have the up-to-date knowledge they need and are fully equipped to use that knowledge in the most effective way possible. But that's not all. They go beyond providing information on policies, helping brokers learn the importance and requirements of fair conduct paired with integrity and sensitivity. After all, brokers help their clients choose protection for worst case scenario situations. Knowledge isn't the only vital part of that conversation. An insurance broker needs to offer sensitivity, compassion, and emotional understanding as well.

Accountability and Representation of the Public

We've mentioned that we, at Miller DKI care about the public and want to provide the best services and customer service possible when disaster strikes. We genuinely care about our community's well-being and safety. Which is why we are very proud to partner with RIBO. One of the many ways they reassure the public that they care about their well-being is by always having at least one member of the public, who's appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, sit on every RIBO committee. That way, you're sure to always be represented in a real and effective way.

Miller DKI has been offering training in some of RIBO's required courses for nearly as long as RIBO has been around. We would love to help your staff become, and stay up to date on RIBO requirements so you can provide your clients with the best, most knowledgeable, service possible. Whether you'd like us to teach a course for your staff, or you’re focused on professional development for yourself, you can learn more about RIBO and Miller DKI by contacting us today. We look forward to speaking with you.