Home Maintenance Tips: Get Peace of Mind this Fall

Home Maintenance Tips: Get Peace of Mind this Fall

Does the possibility of an impending disaster send a shiver down your spine? Don’t let the thought of unpredictable fire, flood, or mould damage stop you from enjoying the crisp, Fall weather. We want you to start September with a well-organized plan that’ll help you protect your home and family against the devastating effects of heavy rain.  Because the end-of-the-summer downpours can cause big problems for homeowners, you can take actions towards protecting your home starting . . . now! Don’t wait until your trees are bare and your yard is covered: give yourself peace of mind by tackling your to-do list now and give yourself a hearty pat on the back later.

We know first-hand that the damage from unwanted, and untreated, flooding can ruin your home and even your health. Our team of experts have helped to restore many homes after water damage, and now we want to show you what you can do to try and prevent it in the first place!  So, we’re providing a special home checklist from Tarion, one of Canada’s leading home-warranty providers, to share their home maintenance tips with you. Following seasonal checklists, like this one, can help you protect your assets from water damage, which is one of our customer’s most prevalent concerns.

If you’re worried about the residual effects of water damage in your home, check out our blog to learn more about detecting dampness in your home!

Make Home Maintenance Part of Your Fall Routine

Tarion’s Fall Maintenance Checklist is an excellent starting point for homeowners and building owners who are looking to safeguard their property year-round. Although the dry heat of summer means that most of us are OK with seeing some rain showers here and there, you’ll be even more grateful for the rain if you don’t have to worry about what part of the house it will end up in.

We’re narrowed down a few of these checklist items to help guide your water-damage prevention routine so that you can stop worrying and start soaking up the Fall weather, activities, and all-things pumpkin flavoured.

Here are just a few ways you can prepare for Fall showers this September:

·       Check the exterior finishes of your home: survey your house for signs of deterioration such as peeling paint, foundational cracks, and loose siding. If you can, look out for missing shingles on your roof, too. Loose siding, shingles, or cracks can let water into your home.

·       Check garage door tracks and lubricate bearings: you’ll want to ensure that your garage isn’t just in good shape for the coming months, but to ensure that it closes properly to protect against rain, debris, and even animals, from taking up residence in your garage. If your driveway isn’t graded away from your home, the door must make a perfect seal to keep water out.

·       Examine the caulking around your windows and doors: old and worn caulking will cause air and water leaks to invade your home! Water that seeps through your windows will trickle into your home’s walls and can damages your home’s interior through rotting drywall and water-logged walls.

·       Look for leaks or moisture in the basement or crawl space: it’s important to check your basement, crawlspace, or even attic, for signs of water or moisture. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see, smell, or maybe even HEAR a water leak but, more often than not, they’re difficult to spot. If you catch any early signs, you can prevent damage before it’s too late.

If you happen to come across extensive damage and are unsure of how to proceed, you’ll want to call in an expert who will not only assess the damage to your home, but also come up with a plan on how to restore your home to its former glory.

Our Piece of Advice for Every Season

Making a list and walking around your home doesn’t exactly sound like the most enjoyable activity. But, unlike apple picking or going through corn mazes, your routine checks on your home’s exterior and interior can help you gain control over your home and allows you to spot small leaks before they morph into a big problem. If you happen to experience an unexpected accident or flood, due to natural disasters or an unfortunate accident in your home, you can count on our team’s 24/7 service to help you through it. Even if a checklist won’t help you prevent every single accident that comes your way, you have the contacts you need to restore your home and the confidence to keep going.