Give New Life to Your Garage This Summer

Give New Life to Your Garage This Summer

Whether it functions as a man cave, a year-round storage space, or a tinkerer’s toolshed, your garage is an invaluable part of your home. Now that summer has arrived, you can expect to run to the garage to find your barbecue, the kids’ bikes, and that trusty ball pump. The garage is second to none when the weather warms, and we can bet that you’ll be opening the garage door more often than your front door! If your garage is in a state of disrepair, consider how a well-kept garage can provide additional value to your home by giving you an aesthetically pleasing and practical space.

If your garage has suffered some damage from a residential fire, cold weather, or even flooding, our restoration experts can help you  transform your garage. Whether you dream of restoring it to its former glory, or want to undergo a total garage renovation, the team at Miller Restoration is happy to offer you some expert advice on how to revitalize your garage to suit your lifestyle.

Determine the Type of Garage You Have (Or the Type You Wish You Had!)

When you think of the word, “garage,” what comes to mind? Well, depending on how you use your garage, most of us will have a different idea of what a garage should look like. But, we’re here to tell you that your garage doesn’t have to be the dingy, gasoline-scented toolshed of your childhood! With a little love and attention, you can unleash the potential of your garage no matter what state it’s in. Although there are a plethora of different types and styles of garages, we’ll walk you through the two basic types, detached and attached, and how you can refinish your garage to add value to your property.

1.     The Attached Garage

So, how do you determine if you have an attached garage? Hint: it’ll literally be attached to your house! An attached garage will allow you to access your garage from inside your home, and is generally used for storing your car, tools, or other goods. An attached garage is especially desirable because it lets you enter and exit your home without having to go outdoors, which can be valuable during cool or rainy weather. If you have an attached garage, it’s likely that it was built at the same time as your home.

Design Ideas for an Attached Garage:

·       Add insulation to help hold heat during colder months and stay cool in warmer months.

·       Match your garage’s details to the home’s exterior for a seamless transition that will complement your home and make it appear larger.

·       Extend or widen your attached garage to accommodate additional cars.

·       Add shelving to increase floor space.

·       Install an automatic door opener for easy access and additional security.

·       If you’re planning to use the space as a workshop, add high-efficiency light fixtures or a door that has windows to increase the amount of light in the garage’s interior. If you have a side window, update and clean the window if needed.

If your garage has been damaged by snow, water, fire, or time, our experts can help you beautify your garage. Check out our gallery to see the attached garage makeover! Since most attached garages have a door that connects the house to the garage, you can always add an attached garage to your existing home if you have the space to do so. You can also use your home’s electrical and HVAC systems in your garage to connect heating, lighting, and air conditioning, which can make your space more comfortable and prevent future mould or water damage.

2.     Detached Garage

As its name suggests, a detached garage is not attached to the house. The garage is its own separate entity and doesn’t provide access to the inside of your home. However, a detached garage offers all sorts of opportunities for homeowners who are looking to repair their garage. You have the flexibility to build the garage anywhere on your property and can save money by building your garage any time you like.

Design Ideas for A Detached Garage:

·       Match your home’s exterior to the garage or, have some fun experimenting with different materials, like stucco, siding, or stone, to make your garage stand out! Because it’s a separate entity from your main house, you can get creative without worrying about clashing colours or materials.

·       Expand it with ease: If you’re redoing your detached garage, or thinking of adding one, you have some creative freedom with its shape and overall footprint, and it’s easier to add on to than an attached garage.

·       Add windows to help beautify the space!

·       Hook up electricity to outfit the space as a home gym, clubhouse, or workshop.

·       Paint interior walls and add shelving to increase floor space and reduce clutter.

·       Install a side door for easy accessibility and convenience.

A detached garage gives you more freedom to expand your garage into a multi-purpose space. Since the detached garage is offset from your home, it offers more privacy as a workspace, since sounds won’t travel back into the home. Your detached garage also gives you additional security in the event of a break in, fire, or infestation since the garage is entirely separate from your home.

Get Your Garage Back!

If you’ve been holding off on repairing your damaged or dilapidated garage, Miller Restoration can help you build the space that you deserve. Whether you want additional space for a car, building materials, or a place to store that barbecue, our team has the expertise to help you restore your garage so that you can add value to your property. If your garage has been damaged, or is in a state of disrepair, call the team at Miller Restoration to get your garage ready for summer!