Disaster clean-up and restoration mysteries solved

Disaster clean-up and restoration mysteries solved

When disaster strikes, knowing how to go about getting it fixed takes some advance planning on the part of Niagara homeowners.

That’s why it’s good to have an emergency procedures plan in place, one that every family member is aware of, with documents like insurance papers and contact information readily available. Our Miller Restoration team knows that once they have a plan for exit and safety, many families stop there, and aren’t sure what to do next. 

But we know!

Once you and your family members are safely out of the home, your first call might be to the 911 operator if necessary, and your second one to your insurance representative, who might then call in a clean-up professional. This could be a local company they suggest, or one of your own choosing. To mitigate loss following your tragedy, the clean-up professionals will help you to secure your home until disaster damage can be repaired. What our Miller team would do will depend on your disaster, and how it has affected the home.

Since every disaster is different, knowing the answers to a couple of Miller Restoration’s frequently asked questions may help homeowners be a little better prepared:

1. "What happens to my belongings when they leave my home following a fire, flood or other disaster?”

An initial assessment of damage to your home and personal goods will be made by our team of professionals when they first arrive. We can work with your insurance adjuster to determine a course of action. Items that are damaged beyond repair will be disposed of on your authorization and the insurance adjuster's approval. Items that are deemed salvageable are inventoried, carefully packed, moved off site and stored in our secured facility.

No contents are disposed of without your written consent, and a detailed inventory will be provided. The contents are then stored safely in our warehouse until your repairs are completed. Once the repairs are completed, the processed contents are moved back to your premises by our team. 

2. “Is it safe for our family to remain in the home while repairs are completed?”

That depends on the type of disaster that has affected your home. In most situations, it is safe to stay in your home.

Repairs may disrupt your daily routine; you may have to board pets elsewhere and change times for various tasks, such as cooking or doing laundry. Some of our equipment, like dehumidifiers or fans, can seem loud and may make sleeping difficult. Without a doubt, this is going to be one of the most disruptive events your family will go through – but working with the Miller team means you can trust our expertise to keep intrusions to a minimum.

In cases where the house is inhabitable, such as following a major fire, we would recommend to the insurance company that alternative living accommodations be organized. Approval to arrange this must come from your insurance company. If you should need to be housed elsewhere, our team leader will provide contact information for obtaining the work schedule and plans. You will be provided with regular updates.


The Miller team has helped fix countless Niagara homes following floods, fires, storm damage and hoarding or mould problems. We have seen people at their worst, following disasters that damaged their homes, and at their best again, when all the damage was repaired.

We give you our Miller Restoration assurance, as a member of Disaster Kleenup International, that there won’t be any mysteries when it comes to your home’s disaster relief.

If you have a question about your home, at any stage of cleanup or repair work, just ask, and our teams will be happy to provide the answer.

For more information, call the Miller Restoration office at 905-688-9224 send us a message!