Creating Opportunity Out of Disaster

Creating Opportunity Out of Disaster

When your home or business is damaged due to a natural disaster, burst pipe, or other unfortunate incident, it can feel like a complete loss. You're worried about the cost of repairs and anxious about the extent of the damage. 

But what if this setback is actually a chance to make a change you've been dreaming about? Instead of simply repairing what was damaged, you could use this moment as an opportunity to actually improve your living or working environment. Improving part of your building after a disaster can be an efficient and cost-effective way to tackle a big project, and can make you feel less frustrated about the damage you've experienced. These kinds of improvements can also make your building safer and more protected against future disasters.

At Miller Restoration, we've seen clients turn disasters into satisfaction on many occasions. Here are a few ways we can help you find the silver lining after a damaging event: 

Kitchen Do-Over 

Everyone has something they'd like to change about their kitchen. Maybe the space between the counter and the island feels too tight, or the cabinets don't really match the look of the other fixtures. You've probably put off kitchen renovations due to the cost and disruption this kind of project requires -- not being able to use your kitchen for even a few days is a challenge.

So if your kitchen has been damaged by a water emergency or kitchen fire, it can be just the push you needed to finally make those changes you've been dreaming of. There are so many ways to improve your home's kitchen.

  •  Change your flooring, counter surface, or backsplash from linoleum to a modern finish like tile, hardwood, or even polished concrete.
  •  Update those old cabinets with a new style and higher quality workmanship.
  •  Upgrade your appliances to money-saving, energy-efficient models with modern surfaces like stainless steel or matte black.
  •  Open up your kitchen space by removing a non load-bearing wall.
  •  Add an island or pantry for more counter space or storage capacity.

Beyond Basement Basics

Your basement might be out of sight, out of mind -- but whenever you do think about it, you wish it had some upgrades. There are several changes that can make your basement more comfortable, easier to clean, or just more visually appealing.

  •  Change out that old flooring for something like polished concrete.
  •  Finish out the walls with insulation to turn your basement into a comfortable game room or workshop.
  •  Update the lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  •  If your laundry room is part of your basement, upgrade to an energy-efficient washer and dryer.

Bathroom Touchups

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and you may have been wanting to make some improvements. Even small updates to a bathroom can go a long way to making it more comfortable and functional.

  •  Replace your ancient toilet or sink with new, more efficient fixtures.
  •  Change out a linoleum floor for elegant tile.
  •  Update old tile in a shower or tub surround with a modern design.
  •  Make your bathroom space more functional with more shelving or counter space.
  •  Replace pipes or hookups that aren't in good condition.
  •  Update your bathroom lighting for improved efficiency and light quality.

Up Top

If your roof has been damaged by a storm or a downed tree, there are several projects you could choose to make the best of the situation. These kinds of projects aren't always at the top of your mind, and may not have the same kind of aesthetic reward as other projects, but they can make a difference in your home's overall functionality (and your energy bills).

  •  Make your home more energy efficient by adding solar panels to your roof.
  •  If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, go ahead and replace it while repairing the damage.
  •  If your home has had issues with mould or mildew, this might be a good chance to check and fix any ventilation issues in your attic; you should also remediate any existing mould.
  •  To help lower your heating bills, add or replace insulation in the attic space.
  •  Identify and trim or remove any dead or dying trees to prevent further roof damage.

Curb Appeal

Depending on the nature of the damage to your home, you could take on a project to improve your home's appearance. If your entryway, front porch, or yard has been damaged, look at it as a chance to give your home some extra curb appeal.

  •  Update your front porch with a new deck surface, more stylish railings, or a porch swing.
  •  Replace your front door (this can be a surprisingly effective and simple "facelift" for your home).
  •  Improve your outdoor lighting for better safety, efficiency, and appearance.
  •  Enhance your yard with garden beds, outdoor seating, or a fire pit.

Commercial Improvements

If it's your business that has been damaged, you may have different kinds of improvements in mind as you rebuild. When you re-open, your customers will be impressed at how your space has improved.

  •  After any damage to your building's exterior, consider how you could make aesthetic improvements. New facade materials or updated windows could give your business a fresh new look.
  •  While repairing damage to a restaurant kitchen, you might want to upgrade some kitchen fixtures as well as replace any safety equipment to prevent another disaster.
  •  Flooring, lighting, and customer restrooms are other projects that can improve your commercial space.

When disaster strikes, you need a partner to turn your misfortune into opportunity. Miller Restoration will work with you to plan your improvements, and provide you with accurate quotes for your project's costs beyond what will be covered by your insurance. Our expert team will inspect the damage to your home and advise you on your next steps. We can also make sure that your home is safer and better protected against the next disaster.

For more information on finding the silver lining while dealing with damage to your home, contact us today! You can also view our before and after gallery to see how we've been able to help clients improve their homes and businesses after a disaster.