Can't handle spring cleaning? There's help for that

Can't handle spring cleaning? There's help for that

Spring offers the perfect chance for the first “deep clean” of the year.

Weather is warmer, offering the chance for general airing out of homes; washing of windows; cleaning carpets; washing draperies; dusting thoroughly; pressure washing patios and driveways; tidying of closets and collecting donations for charity.

At Miller DKI, our teams love this time of year – not only for the improvement in weather, but also because we love a good purge!

For families that are able to do it, a springtime cleaning gives the home a fresh start for the season – a refreshing of indoor air quality; brightening of rooms by banishing clutter; a thorough deep clean that clears the cobwebs and re-introduces tidiness to our living areas.

For some, it’s a great time to go through children’s toys and wardrobes, donating those things that are in good condition to worthy organizations – like women’s shelters or agencies caring for the less fortunate among us.

Miller’s teams are well aware, however, that not every family situation permits a good spring purge.

For families affected by compulsive collecting (some call it hoarding, but that has too negative a connotation for Miller teams), living conditions can be such that a home’s interiors permit everyday existence, but do not allow for deep cleaning.

Our Miller experts have assisted many a Niagara family in clearing out a compulsive collector’s home: It’s a service we offer that aids families in regaining their respect for themselves, and for their living conditions.

Compulsive, or pathological collecting – commonly called hoarding – causes its victims to excessively accumulate items. Families affected by this disorder feel distress at the thought of parting with their possessions. 

In cases where severe compulsive collecting threatens a family’s health, Miller teams offer assistance, first, by visiting the home to help determine a plan of corrective action.

Our plan may include organizing a system for decluttering, for cleaning and decontamination. Miller’s experts can address rodent or insect infestation, as well as problems caused by a buildup of mould, human or animal waste.

Our goal is to return your home to you, in a safe, clean environment, providing you respectfully with a fresh start and peace of mind.

If you or someone you know is affected by compulsive collecting, the Niagara Region has some places you can turn to for help.

Pathstone Mental Health offers counselling and services for children and families; Outreach Support Services of Niagara offer mental health counselling to Niagara clients; various private and other publicly funded counselling services can be found in the directory for mental health help, HERE

It’s no fun to suffer the effects of a compulsive collecting disorder in silence. Asking for help is the absolute best thing a family can do to bring some joy back into their homes.

Miller’s teams, which have aided many Niagara families in the CCD recovery process, have seen the worst you can imagine: Not only homes stuffed full of possessions, but homes that have suffered additional tragedies, like fire or flood.

We don’t judge. We just work out a plan to help you regain your living space, with respect and the assistance our expert teams can provide.

Spring is a great time to make a fresh start, no matter where or how your living conditions are affected.

Miller teams are standing by, ready to help you get things done!


Are you in need of cleanup or advice following a disaster in your home? Our experts at Miller Restoration would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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