At Miller we're still 'giving for living' - How about you?

At Miller we're still 'giving for living' - How about you?

February has long been known as the month of love.

At Miller Restoration, our family of staff go above and beyond in celebrating that. Not only do we honour our own families every day, but we try, as a group, to bring joy to others, through participating in various charitable activities and events. 

Think about it: As temperatures drop, there is a whole community within our municipalities that needs assistance with basic things – like staying warm; putting food on the table; paying utility bills; shovelling snow, and other, simple needs.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as offering company, a chat, a cup of tea together with a shut-in neighbour. Sometimes, it’s much more … but we give what we’re able, right?

February is a fantastic time to practise “giving for living,” which we also refer to as community engagement. Our Miller family of staff knows that staying engaged in our communities brings a positive impact, both to our own teams and our business model, and to the communities we serve.

In the past, we have offered time volunteering with agencies for special events; we have offered financial assistance to groups in need; we have spent time with children or seniors in program activities; we have ensured good food be available where it’s needed; we have assisted with women’s shelter programs; raised funds for health care research, and cleared walks and driveways for seniors in our neighbourhoods.

Agencies we support include: Pelham Cares Inc.; local school boards; Niagara Nutrition Partners; local women’s shelters; Gillian’s Place; the Ride to Conquer Cancer; Camp Ouch; Bethesda Services Niagara; Pathstone Mental Health; the Salvation Army; Big Brothers Big Sisters Niagara, and Community Cares Niagara.

As longtime members of Disaster Kleenup International, our Miller family knows that working together on a problem is beneficial both to the people with the problem, and to the team trying to solve it.

That’s why, when we aren’t busy with cleaning up after disasters that strike our neighbours, we’re doing what we can to make Niagara a better place. 

When people ask us about giving back or getting engaged, we often refer them to the Niagara Community Information Database, which you can also reach by dialling 2-1-1 or  1-800-263-3695 from any phone.

There are so many ways to give back in your community. Visit the link above, and see for yourself where our region’s needs are the greatest. Even if you pick just one agency to assist, you’ll have brought a little sunshine into somebody’s cold, winter day.

Giving for living is something we can all do, in small and large ways, every day. So, take a step forward this month of love, and open the door to a new way of thinking, and living.


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