Ask the expert - Q & A

Ask the expert - Q & A

What can I expect during a property damage insurance claim?

Your insurance company will assign the detailed loss to a preferred contractor who will contact you immediately to set an inspection appointment to determine the extent and severity of your claim. There are usually 2 phases to most insurance claims ‐ emergency and restoration.

If emergency services are required (cleaning; drying; extracting, securing of property) they will be scheduled ASAP with your written authorization. Depending on the severity the emergency services could take up to 7 days to complete.

Once the emergency services are completed our project manager will re ‐ inspect to scope the damages and provide a detailed estimate to you and your insurance company. Your insurance company needs to approve the estimate and then the homeowner must authorized the contractor to proceed with the repairs. If a deductible applies then it will be collected by the contractor prior to commencing any repairs. The expected time frame for completion of repairs will depend on the extent of the repair scope. A dedicated project coordinator is assigned to every job which provides constant communication between you the homeowner and the contractor. The job coordinator schedules all trades in a timely manner and ensures job quality on a daily basis.

Once repairs are completed the homeowner signs a letter of Satisfaction stating that all repairs have been completed as per agreed scope and that all repairs have been completed to their satisfaction. Once this form is signed the insurance company will be invoiced directly by the contractor. Most insurance companies and/or contractors will provide a guarantee on all workmanship.

It is vital that the contractor doing the emergency services and repairs are fully insured, trained and qualified.