A Fresh Start on your Floors

A Fresh Start on your Floors

Your floors support you, your furniture, and your loved ones every day. But who supports the floors when they suffer from wear and tear? We do!

We’re starting 2020 off on the ‘right floor’ by offering new services that will invigorate your space! Since 1995, we’ve been restoring damaged properties under the Miller DKI name to rebuild a sense of calm following an accident. Now, we’re expanding our offerings to help you clean your existing carpet and area rugs. Help your carpet look good, and keep it feeling good, all year long!

Do you have any memories of your grandmother’s carpet? You know, lying on the floor watching T.V. while the adults sat on the couch? Can you remember what kind of carpet you were laying on? Depending on your memories, you’ll either want to recreate that carpet today or avoid it at all costs: we’ve got services for all states of carpet.

We’re thrilled to extend our carpet cleaning to our residential and commercial customers. So, whether you’re chasing aesthetic goals or even health goals (a carpet’s cleanliness can affect your overall health!) we can help you do it.

Reviving your residential rugs

Sometimes, the rugs in your home will take a back seat. Sure, you vacuum, but can you recall the last time you had the carpet cleaned professionally? Increase the cleanliness of your home by taking care of the carpet.

Miller DKI residential carpet cleaning allows you to:

  • Treat signs of wear on your carpet
  • Remove unwanted stains
  • Eliminate allergens
  • Beautify your space

Our experts are equipped to remove every-day stains from coffee, dirt, red wine, and even pets. Unlike DIY cleanings, our team of professionals utilizes a hot water extraction method to lift out those stubborn stains; your carpet won’t just look clean it will be clean. Dirty fibers can retain a bouquet of allergens, bacteria, and mold that could make you sick. If you prefer a pristine place to put your feet up  then check us out here!

And, if you’re worried about the wear that your carpet might have sustained over the years, our cleanings are proven to reduce signs of traffic on your carpet. Although regular cleanings won’t reverse existing damage to your rugs, they will increase the longevity of the largest furnishing in your home.

Keep your commercial space looking contemporary

Imagine you’re waiting to meet with a potential client. While you’re preparing for their arrival, you suddenly take notice of the carpets. The signs of wear make the place look tired; and those stains look unsanitary! Suddenly, your office space feels outdated.

We know the message a clean carpet can send. You want your office or commercial space to look fresh and to communicate your company’s commitment to excellence. Don’t let potential clients pull the rug out from under you; get them to stay and admire it.

We offer customized cleaning plans to service your needs. Unlike residential rugs, most carpets in commercial buildings are:

  • susceptible to substantial wear as a result of increased foot traffic
  • are made with denser, low-pile fibers
  • not as aesthetically pleasing as their high-pile counterparts

Because a commercial space is prone to wear, and the low-pile fibers are plain, it’s important that your floor space is maintained to keep the carpet looking its best. Let our team of specialists clean your rug properly. We guarantee that our techniques will lift stains and reduce signs of wear. A professional clean means employees and customers won’t just walk on the floor—they’ll stare at it, too.

We will work with you to build a comprehensive maintenance plan that suits your company’s needs. For many businesses, it’s neither optimal nor realistic to shut down during the week for carpet cleanings. And we don’t want you to put your operations on hold. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our services to you on evenings and weekends. Let us help you keep your business running smoothly, keep your office looking bright and your customers impressed by your cleanliness. Start by scheduling quarterly cleanings, bi-monthly cleanings, or a customized schedule that best suits you.

As your restoration specialists, we are on call 24 hours a day to support you if disaster strikes. And now we’re increasing our services to give your home or business a fresh new look with our carpet cleaning services.

Want to do more for your floors? Call us today to get started!