Fireworks safety a must-learn for every family member

Our Miller Restoration families love a good backyard fireworks show, and we love inviting family, friends and neighbours to join in the fun, too. This month, we offer up some basic safety tips for those backyard, pyrotechnics do-it-yourselfers.

A/C maintenance just a drop in homeowner's bucket

Take care of your air conditioning units to prevent unplanned water damage.

Don't Let Mould Take Hold In Your Home

Miller Restoration teams offer up some tips for checking on, and dealing with, mould growth in our homes.

Can't handle spring cleaning? There's help for that

For many people, spring presents the perfect time to purge. But that's easier said than done when a home is affected by compulsive collecting.

Car Into a Building? Miller's Teams Can Help

Vehicle impact clean-up a piece of cake with help from Miller Restoration/DKI.

At Miller we're still 'giving for living' - How about you?

Spread a little giving this winter, so others can get on with the business of living during Niagara's coldest days.